The Curandero 
Bobby Sanchez
No one's life I touch will ever be the same.

​Bobby Sanchez is an inspired and enlightened  healer, teacher, student and

guide, steeped in the indigenous healing arts of Peru, Columbia and the Southwestern cultures of the Americas.He has studied with Latin American

Shamans immersing himself in the ancient ways of Sound Healing; Ritual Cleansing and the mysterious healing techniques of Latin America.


I was blessed with (The Don)The Gift that was passed down to me by a Curandera. She sent me on my spiritual path to master many forms of energy systems including Reiki, S.H.Y., Galactic Healing and Theta to combine in to one powerful healing system. I believe in all forms of healing come from one source the Divine One! My purpose in life is to help you experience the true healings on all levels - mind, body, and spirit. 

As a Holistic Practitioner, Bobby balances disharmonies of mind, body and spirit through energy work, divination, prayer and ritual cleansing. His skillful Mediumship, coupled with his ability to read the Akashic record on the soul level, is a testament to his open heart, clairvoyance and his authentic healing gifts within the sacred realm of Light.

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​​My life's work as a Curandero is to be a light in a world of darkness.