A Healing Art Tailored

A healing art tailored to the needs of the individual...As each person is unique, so is each session. The needs of the individual will determine the course of the treatment. In additions to prayer, Bobby employs traditional "medicina del camp" which may include heart to heart talks (platicas), incense and aromatic waters, energy healing, hands-on-healing, spiritual cleansing (egg limpia) sweepings with consecrated plants like sage, rosemary and rue (barradas), and massage (sobadas) , spiritual work (trabajos)

Healing Modalities​:       

Latin American Shamanism

Long Distance Healing

Spiritual/Intuitive Healing

Theta Healing Practitioner

Reiki Master

Galactic Healer / Master Teacher

Spiritual Human Yoga Master Teacher


Trance Medium Healer

Akashic Records

Crystal & Stone Healing Therapies

​Past Life Regression

Long Distance Healing Sessions

While studying in Columbia, Bobby mastered powerful techniques which allow him to transmit healing energy over great distance. He has successfully treated clients as far away as Peru. Those who have experienced these long distance sessions said it felt as though he was present in the room with them.

Trance Healing 

Trance healing is a powerful state of healing used by John of God in Brazil and
by Edgar Cayce and Bobby has mastered this deep form of healing. When in a trance he allows the Holy Spirit to channel through him so miracles can happen in this state of healing. Come witness the miracles of sickness leave the body.

​​My life's work as a Curandero is to

be a light in a world of darkness.

I met Bobby about 4 years ago through a mutual friend. I can't remember exactly how, but he was referred to me. I was at a point in my life where leaving my apartment or peeling myself off the sofa required so much strength & energy I did not have. I was lost, sad & depressed... 
Four and half years ago, life happened. And I found myself victim of sexual assault, a prisoner within my own home,  and held captive for hours at gunpoint. That night changed me, forever. My soul was shattered, my heart broken, my body violated. I was blessed to have survived the ordeal, but I was left in pieces. I did not & could not understand what had happened to me, and why? 
I used alcohol to numb the pain, casual sex to convince myself I was better, that I wasn't effected by what had happened to me. I suppressed my emotions, I wouldn't allow myself to grieve or shed tears. But none of my defenses alleviated this deep, deep pain. When I finally heard about Bobby's work, I'd found a bit of hope that I thought I'd completely lost. 
The only time I left my apartment that weekend was to see Bobby. I felt called to see him, so I decided to go, no matter the cost, the anxiety of leaving my "safe-haven," or the depression I felt... I needed hope, healing... Something, anything.
At the time, I didn't understand his gift but I could feel it. He cleansed me in a way that I didn't know was possible. It felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, a kind of freedom in letting go. I could feel the struggle within my body as he circled me. A part of me just couldn't let go of the hurt, the violation. He could feel it too. But then, it lifted, it let go. Bobby called it a "tune-up for the soul." And after our session, I immediately felt lighter, less troubled... Like a kind of darkness was lifted from me. And I felt a sense of peace when we finished. I hadn't felt any relief since the assault, and I was truly astonished at the results. I admit, I was hopeful but a bit skeptical about his work. Bobby though is gifted, and I've since then recommended him to several other people. It's been a long road since the assault, but my "healing" began the day I met Bobby. He gave me a kind of "kick start" & the hope I needed to carry forward, to heal this deep, deep wound. 

Thank you,

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The Curandero 
Bobby Sanchez
No one's life I touch will ever be the same.

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Curandero cu·ran·de·ro noun. curandero /cu·ran·de·ro/ (koo-ronda´ro)

​Latin American Healer, Shaman, Holy Man

The Curandero dedicates his life to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses based on skillful, multidimensional evaluation.

During my healings. I will attune you with healing energy touching your soul that is off-balance and maybe suffering from Susto (fright), and the treatment involves a "soul retrieval." If one's spirit has lost faith in God or the Divine, one suffers an illness as real as a physical or mental illness. All aspects of the "self" will suffer, and one will experience diseases that affect one's body, mind, emotions, spirit, soul, family, community, and nature. The Curandero understands this concept of illness and will have a knowledge of how to guide the patient back to balance.

The Limpia is a traditional healing session and ritual that returns balance to the Body,Mind, and Spirit.Through the use of ritual cleansing,energy work, divination,and prayer many complaints and dissolved and resolved.