Bobby Sanchez

As a Curandero, Bobby Sanchez brings to Dallas/Fort Worth a unique approach to healing. He is both a practitioner and teacher of curanderismo - a centuries old system of folk healing whose roots are based in the rich traditions of the Aztec and the Maya.

About Curanderismo

Curanderismo -- a classic solution to address today's problems. Curanderismo is an approach to healing that integrates the mind, body and spirit. Originally drawn from the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America, it is steeped in tradition and ceremony. Over the centuries, curanderismo has been influenced by the healing arts of the Spanish, Greks, Arabs, Africans and Native Americans.

Holistic Medicine

While modern medicine’s high tech environment can feel sterile and overwhelming, the gentle folk healing techniques of the curandero provide a comforting connection between healer and patient.  Working with prayer, divination, energy work, herbs and ritual cleansings, the curandero releases undesirable energy blocks within the body and then redirects beneficial energy to necessary areas. In this way inner balance and harmony is gained. To further enhance the therapeutic potential of his sessions, Bobby adds energy healing techniques based upon the sacred geometry of universal symbols. In many cases the services of a curandero may serve as a complement to traditional medical care.