​Mediumship & Psychic Readings:

As a Spiritual Medium, Bobby uses the Healing Art of Trance to connect with your higher guidance for clarity in treating the cause of disease, not just the symptoms. He has an uncanny ability to direct the unique and appropriate healing treatment from spirit into the dis-ease, trauma or emotional pain to remove what is blocking one’s own divine right to perfect health, wholeness and well being.

My readings give spiritual guidance that you are seeking, especially during these challenging times, It is here for you now. You do have angels, spiritual guides and celestial beings that are waiting to help you immediately. They love to help you, and they are so good at helping you when you simply ask for, believe in and graciously receive their guidance. Whatever it is that you are seeking spiritual guidance for--YOUR angels are here to help you now. If you are looking for Spiritual Guidance, Angelic Healing, Career Guidance, Financial Abundance, Relationship Assistance (Soulmate, Family, Twin Flame), the help you seek is here now through an intuitive Angel Oracle Card reading.

Do you have questions about money, love, career, or the future. With proper guidance, obstacles may easily be overcome and success can be yours.

Bobby has studied with top-notch mediums from the US and abroad, honing his ability to offer messages for personal growth, healing and the realization of one’s highest potential.

Readings in Person or Phone


  Psychic reading for $100.00

​30 Minute mediumship reading $100.00

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The Curandero 
Bobby Sanchez
No one's life I touch will ever be the same.

Barbara's Testimony:

Thank you for being a part of my healing process. I praise God for your friendship and for bringing you into my life. I know that your spiritual leadership, your guidance and your friendship has been gifted to me by the Divine to help me return to my highest and best self: physically, mentally and spiritually. I celebrate you today and all of the days which remain.

Robin's Testimony:

​For the past 18 years, I have been getting readings from psychics all over the US, and I can honestly say that Bobby Sanchez has been the most honest, accurate, and sincere reader that I have ever met. Over the past year, I have had 4 readings with Bobby, all in which every prediction related to my specific questions happened EXACTLY as he stated it would.

I Am truly grateful that in times where I am uncertain or don't have clarity on an issue, I have someone in the flesh who is truly gifted by God to turn to. God will answer prayers, but sometimes He works through people. Bobby Sanchez is one of those people.

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