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Thanks so much for your fun and educational class this morning! You gave us an opportunity to experience with practice, patient, and dedication, we can reach to the higher level of creativity and inspiration.  Thanks for letting us express our inner gift and see that what we need will come to us if we believe and put our mind into it.  Many blessings to you and your family and looking forward for future classes

Lee M.

Thanks Bobby for all your many miracles

I have know Bobby for over a year now and since he has come into my life great things have happened for me. He has helped me with problems that on my own i was not able to deal with, I am very grateful for all the miracles and blessing he has given me. He knows what he is doing and is very good at what he does. To this day I owe him alot for all he has done for me and my family. Bobby is definitely someone that I can trust with issues i have when i feel things just cant be fixed.

Always Rebecca from Austin

I ate today, I feel no pain. I could not eat, drink water, or take my blood pressure medication without extreme pain. I have lost so much weight my co-workers noticed at the union meeting yesterday. I could feel the holy spirit come through you to me, on the phone. I have no pain after eating today. Spirit really works through you. I can not thank you enough for the gift of healing, reading. and your gentle spirit that comes through like a wave over the phone. I send a most sincere thank you, I will continue to work with you. BLESSINGS! PS And I still don't think I've said enough.

Lonnie D.

I wanted to say thank you once again for all your help and information on Sunday.  I had two separate appointments with you.  During one you did a little unblocking work on my right hand.  I can still feel the effects.  I'm also attempting to remember and try the other things you told me.  The only thing I'm having trouble with is visualizing.  It's something I have not been able to achieve, and I've tried for many years. 
I still would like to work with you on several things, because I really want this to be my year! Others have told me that in the past, but when you said it, there was real power behind it.
There are so many questions I want answered and much help I believe I can receive through you and your teachings and guidance.  If you have any classes, appearances or anything you think I could attend to get started and keep going forward on my path, please let me know.
It was truly a blessing to meet you.
Johnna E

Blessed be Bobby thanks for all the help and its hard to imagine life with out you in my life you have brought so much joy to my life so many thing you have sent my way its hard to imagine life with out guidance Thanks again.

Jason L.

I went to a spiritual healer last night and all I will say is my mind is blown, still processing it all. My life has changed for the better immediately. The ties your soul has to each life is truly amazing. I am looking forward to my new life without the attachment of all the pain and burdens I have always carried with me. Thank you Bobby Sanchez Curandero you are a gift from God and a blessing to this world.​  Carly C.

For the past 18 years, I have been getting readings from psychics all over the US, and I can honestly say that Bobby Sanchez has been the most honest, accurate, and sincere reader that I have ever met. Over the past year, I have had 4 readings with Bobby, all in which every prediction related to my specific questions happened exactly as he stated it would.

I Am truly grateful that in times where I am uncertain or don't have clarity on an issue, I have someone in the flesh who is truly gifted by God to turn to. God will answer prayers, but sometimes He works through people. Bobby Sanchez is one of those people. Robin S.

Thank You Bobby for the great conversation this morning and the positive advises.
You really made my day. I have realized that there is still good people in life and we are all special in one way or another. Maria C.

Wanted to say thanks for all your help yesterday.  It's always such a special treat to be in the presence of one so enlightened.Thanks again.


The Curandero 
Bobby Sanchez
No one's life I touch will ever be the same.

Thank you for all the  positive energy you have brought into my life!  I still have some hurdles to cross but with your help and God's Blessings I know I can get through them.  God Bless you Bobby!
Becky M.

​Totally enjoyed myself at the NOW Center at Wellbeing Expo today. Finally got a healing session with Bobby Sanchez Curandero. We're old friends but it was my first time with healing. Super powerful is what comes to mind.

Karleen M.

Thank you Bobby for the wonderful inter-connected distant session u gave me last night. It was powerfully intense. Feeling the shifts :) gracias .

Zita from Canada

​During the session with Bobby, I noticed his energy immediately. I felt the healing all through from head and toe. My body was needing healing for many years and when I finally received it, it was the most amazing feeling I'd ever experienced.

Thank you Bobby for using your gifts to help me and others in need.

Bianca Y., Fort Worth, Texas